We develop new materials, technologies, and methodologies for stimulating cells, tissues, and organs electrically and mechanically.

We then employ these non-traditional methodologies for studying fundamental scientific questions and for developing new therapeutic applications.

See this video for a snapshot of our research (it’s in Hebrew, Sorry!).

Basic research

Cell-Silicon Hybrids

Cardiac myofibroblasts (red) with internalized silicon nanowire (white) integrating with cardiomyocytes (green) in the cardiac tissue in vivo

Neuron (green) myelination by an oligodendrocytes (red) with internalized silicon nanowire (white) in vitro

Silicon Nanowire Extracellular Bio-interface

Silicon Nanowire Interfacing Oligodendrocytes

Silicon Nanowire-Alginate Scaffold

Nerve Stimulation

Flexible Silicon Membrane

Sciatic Nerve Bio-interface

Optical heart pacing

Leadless pacing of the heart using light