Menahem (Hemi) Rotenberg- PI

Hemi Rotenberg received his BSc (2010), MSc (2011) and PhD (2015) in Biotechnology Engineering from Ben Gurion University, Israel. During his MSc with Prof. Smadar Cohen, he designed a perfusion bioreactor that allowed simultaneous shear stress optimization on 3D cellular constructs. In his PhD, with prof. Smadar Cohen and prof. Yoram Etzion, he worked on a new modality for noninvasive temporary heart pacing using magnetic microparticles. He then worked with prof. Bozhi Tian as a postdoctoral scholar in the field of bioelectronics, developing new methodologies for non-genetic optical modulation of cells and tissues. In 2020, he the BME faculty in the Technion, IIT, Israel as an assistant professor. He is developing new nanomaterial-based technologies for bioelectrical and biomechanical stimulation of cells, tissues, and organs. These technologies are then employed for answering fundamental biomedical questions or for new approaches for therapeutic and translational application.


Alexandra (Sasha) Kavushansky- Lab Manager

Sasha was trained in Psychobiology and studied the impact of stress and neurodegeneration on the functioning of brain regions related to emotion and memory. Her research focused on biochemical, hormonal, electrohysiological, and behavioral indexes of aftermaths of stressful experiences and those of brain degeneration in animal models of human psychiatric, developmental and neurodegenerative disorders.